Securing the Energy Industry

Traka offers solutions built with the needs of site operators and supervisors in mind. Our key management and access control systems help businesses throughout the energy sector improve their processes and control, securing their most valuable assets.


> Traka delivers reliability and security to energy markets everywhere.

Energy Solutions

> Traka provides solutions geared specifically for asset protection in the energy sector.

For supervisors and site operators in the energy industry, assistance is necessary to maintain the highest levels of safety and control at all times. Traka has the systems built to meet the needs of energy and utility sites all over, with applications focused on the most important areas of concern.

Site Safety

Make sure job sites are as safe as possible with efficient software and process control.

Key Management

Improve asset protection with solutions that provide full control and monitoring of keys.

Access Control

Oversee facility assets and secure areas with integrated key setup or updated management systems.

Vehicle Management

Streamline the management of vehicles and machinery with Traka's systems and software.

Facilities Management

Get products and solutions to secure assets for facilities, buildings and job sites.